Healthy Planet, Healthy People, Healthy Profits

Nutriva Group and Vitala Foods are a group of grassroots companies developing, producing and bringing healthy foods to the world with our first to market innovations in the dairy and egg category. We are driven by our commitment to a healthy planet, key partnerships, our customer relationships and strategic brand development.



We offer high quality feed analysis, independent feed advice and state-of-the-art feed ingredients to help producers achieve optimal animal health and nutrition.


Our one-of-a-kind demonstration farm, from our robotic milker to our anaerobic digester, showcases our commitment to animal care and the environment.


We transport organic milk from farmer to producer, and collect whey by-products from cheese processors and transform it into cost-effective feed solutions for dairy and hog producers.


We're trying to create a world where everyone thinks about eating healthy food by shifting people's value systems around food through transparency, integrity, innovation and health.


Western's Canada's leading rapid turnaround feed and forage analysis service.

Offering independent advice and simple, hands-on systems to help dairy farmers maximize their income over feed costs.

Developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative dairy feed supplements, striving to offer commercial dairy farmers state-of-the-art herd health and nutrition solutions.

Transportation of organic milk in British Columbia from farmer to processor.

Transportation of whey and whey permeate from British Columbia’s cheese processors, which are blended to make cost effective feed solutions for dairy and hog producers.

The first demonstration farm of its kind in Canada and home to the Vitala Cows.

A functional foods company partnering to bring natural, healthy food innovations to the world.


Abbotsford, BC

1356 Sumas Way, V2S 8H2

Telephone: 604 557 1486

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